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Jon Rattenbury Art Show

Friday, March 31st, 3pm - 7pm

Saturday, April 1st, 2pm - 6pm

Apr 02, 2017 Apr 02, 2017 (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time Jon Rattenbury Art Show Saturday, April 1st, 2pm - 6pm http://signaturegalleries.com/events/17-04-1-jon-rattenbury-dt Lake Tahoe Signature Gallery Group info@signaturegalleries.com


Jon Rattenbury

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Jon Rattenbury
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Artist, visionary, innovator, and musician are just a few words that help describe Jon Rattenbury.  An Artist of international stature, Rattenbury is probably best known for his attention to detail, his use of vibrant colors and light, and his portrayal of nature's awe-inspiring beauty.  Through his work, we are able to experience a dreamlike vision of the natural world around us.

Born in Cheltenham, England in 1966, Rattenbury's family immigrated to America when he was just 3 years old settling in Northern California.  Though completely self-taught as an artist, Jon draws on his family and childhood experiences for his artistic ability.  Both his mother and grandmother have strong musical talents. ......